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Panasonic's UN-W700 runs Android, streams Blu-ray video, takes Skype calls, isn't a tablet


We've seen Android used for home theater purposes before, but it's been rare that a company has wanted Google's OS used almost exclusively with that purpose in mind. Panasonic is gambling that its UN-W700 can use Android (2.3, unfortunately) for an all-singing, all-dancing compact video device. The 7-inch, 800x480 standee plays media from its SDXC card slot or over DLNA, including recordings normally destined for Blu-ray from one of Panasonic's Diga set-top boxes. If you'd rather dish out video than just receive it, there's a front camera for Skype video calls -- and the W700 is still Google-blessed, so you can visit Google Play if you'd rather play Death Rally than watch Death Race 2000. We're not sure about the idea of a tablet without much of the portability, but Japanese shops will give the opportunity to decide for yourself on July 25th for an unofficially estimated $446.

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