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RaiderZ releases dev diary on how to beat a monster to death with its own severed limbs

Admit it: Deep down, you dream about beating in-game monsters to death with their own severed limbs. Who doesn't? Happily, RaiderZ makes that dream a reality, as is demonstrated in the game's most recent developer diary.

The video diary goes over tactics and playstyles for handling monsters out in the world. Most monsters have unique attack styles and players need to observe their foes in order to best exploit weaknesses of the monsters' timing and tactics. The video drops other strategy gems, like the clue that "melee players must get up close and personal with their adversaries" and have to consider the pros and cons of fast, lighter-damage attacks or slower, more powerful strikes. With no tab-targeting in the game, caster and ranged classes have to be sure to fire in the right direction and take full advantage of times that monsters leave themselves vulnerable. Most excitingly, there is the previously mentioned ability to whack off monsters' horns and appendages for a chance to use them to pierce, bludgeon, and otherwise damage the beasties.

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