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RIM finally gets some good news, court rules it can keep using BBM name


Between delays, executive defections and falling market share the news lately hasn't been rosy for RIM, but today it got at least one reprieve as a Federal Court in Canada ruled its use of the acronym BBM did not infringe another company's trademark. The lawsuit was filed last December by BBM Canada, a broadcast industry group that owns a trademark on the name but because they are in different types of businesses the court decided RIMs usage was acceptable. According to The Globe and Mail BBM Canada CEO Jim MacLeod has not decided whether or not to appeal the ruling, but we're sure the folks from Waterloo will take a win for now. It already had to switch the name of its new OS from BBX to BlackBerry 10 after losing a trademark ruling there and more bad news is expected in its next quarterly earnings report.

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