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So who wants a Guild Wars 2 closed beta key?

Shawn Schuster

I could write a bunch of stuff here about how Guild Wars 2 is the most anticipated MMO launch of the year and we bet you really want to play in the next beta if you didn't already pre-purchase the game, but we know you just want that key! So go getchoo one!

Just click past the cut for a link to our giveaway page and complete redemption instructions for your chance to get started in June 8th's closed beta weekend.

  • To get started, please take the BWE2 code from the giveaway page linked below and enter it at
  • This step is critical! If you have an email address associated with ArenaNet (by participating in the last beta test in March, or if you have a Guild Wars 1 account), select Yes on the registration page and log-in with your previously created Guild Wars credentials.
  • If this is your first beta event for Guild Wars 2 or you do not have a Guild Wars 1 account, select No. Follow the onscreen instructions for setting up an account.
  • Once you've completed the beta key registration process, you can expect an email prior to the event detailing how to download the client.

If you have any trouble, please visit:


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