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Visualized: Sauber F1 cutaway car is half the vehicle it used to be (video)


Ever wondered what goes on inside a Formula 1 car? No, we're not talking about Jenson Button's delicate elbow movements, we mean inside the car. Well, it turns out that we're not the only ones, and fortuitously for us, some people with the actual means to find out -- the Sauber F1 team -- have done the noble thing, and cut one in half. Yes, a real F1 car. Cut in half. It took two years to achieve, but from tip to tail, it's all there on display. That precious steering wheel you see drivers carry with them? Halved. Clever layered fuel system for lower center of gravity? Carved open. They even bring a driver in, the only thing to remain intact. Race on past the pit stop break for the visuals.

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