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Carmageddon will be free (for a day) on iOS


Carmageddon is an old PC game that recently got the Kickstarter treatment, as developer Stainless Games is planning to build a sequel. Not only did the project get completely funded, but the company hit its "stretch goal," so as a result, the game will also come out for iOS when it arrives later on this year.

And that's not all. It will be free on launch day as well. Yes, instead of messing around with UDIDs or special versions, Stainless has just decided to make the game free for a day at launch. That way you'll be able to see the fruits of the company's work, whether you've backed the Kickstarter project or not. There's a trailer out as well, and it sure does look like Carmageddon. The game should be a lot of fun, especially at the price of zero dollars.

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