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    Daily iPhone App: Duckers is colorful fun for free


    Duckers is a game we've been waiting for quite a while. I first saw it last year at 360iDev, where Retro Dreamer (the same guys behind iOS' Velocispider) showed it to me as a work in progress. But now it's all finished and available on the App Store as a free download.

    It's certainly a colorful title, with plenty of cute graphics and fun objects to find and collect as your duck drills into the ground. If anything, I'd say the game is almost a little too easy. While there are a growing number of obstacles to dodge the deeper you go, the gameplay is so casual that it's not too hard to line up your duck just right and grab tons of coins and gems on the way down. Given that it's a freemium title, however, it certainly seems like Retro Dreamer wanted to aim for a broad audience on this one, and I can't begrudge them that.

    Despite the very casual gameplay, Duckers is still a lot of fun for free, and there's no shortage of various things to find and earn as you play through the game, including lots of characters, special abilities and power-ups.

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