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Pure releases AirPlay compatible Contour 200i Air


Consumer electronics firm Pure has just released the Contour 200i Air wireless digital music system. Not only does the Contour 200i Air act as a dock for your favorite iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, but it also provides AirPlay compatibility so that you can beam your favorite sounds from any iOS (and soon OS X) device on your network.

The US$249.00 Contour 200i Air delivers 36W of digital quality sound to any room; Pure notes that you can install multiple Contours throughout your house and stream music to all of them from your iOS device for a house- or office-wide sound solution. The Contour works not only with Wi-Fi, but also features an Ethernet port for a wired solution.

Pure provides a free "Pure Lounge" app to users of several of its devices, including the Contour 200i Air. The app gives owners access to over 16,000 internet radio stations and over 5,000 podcasts, as well as a library of ambient sounds for relaxation.

There's no word on when the Contour 200i Air will ship, other than it is "coming soon."

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