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Samsung discusses Galaxy S III design using the language of Magnetic Poetry


Samsung has a tendency to, well, get a bit pretentious when it comes to talking about its products. At the launch event, Sammy described the Galaxy S III as being "nature inspired" and "designed for humans." But, we know you've been hungering for more head-scratching, Madlibs-esque, non sequiturs to describe the form and function of the company's latest flagship. Thankfully, you'll plenty of comparisons to "infinity pools" and mentions of its "minimal organic" aesthetic at the source link. Would you describe the HyperGlaze finish on the handsets as "intriguing?" We suppose that all depends on what your second adjective was. Honestly though, we're ok with Samsung getting a little flowery, so long as it promises to stop stalking us. Click on the source link for more.

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