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Turbine fields 33 Lord of the Rings Online questions


If you could ask a dev team anything about your favorite MMO, what would it be? Well, Turbine invited its Lord of the Rings Online players to do just that, and today the studio posted 33 answers to the sometimes-serious, sometimes-silly queries that players posed.

Through this community Q&A, we learned that the team is working on a way to disable experience gain, has put additional hobbies on hold, has discussed and mostly dismissed multi-attachment mail, and is considering how dynamic events might work in the game.

So do the devs play the game they make? Sapience says they do: "I think you'd be surprised at how many people at Turbine play LotRO on a regular basis." There are also a lot of interesting tidbits in this Q&A regarding the decisions behind prioritizing features, expanding into certain regions, and how the teams work in tandem to produce content.

Finally, Sapience said that players should be seeing pre-order information for Riders of Rohan "Incredisoon™" and that there will probably be ways to attain the game's soundtrack in the future.

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