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Two Tribes invites seven-year-old to design Edge level, warms hearts


Two Tribes received a request for EDGE swag (Two Tribes made the PC/Mac version of the iOS game) from the father of a six-year-old superfan about to turn seven. Instead of simply handing over some material, however, the developer invited Zias to come in and build a level in Lego, which would then be put into the game.

Zias then came in, built a level out of blocks, and spent the day working with Two Tribes' level editor to implement it into the game. "It's not the way we normally design levels," said designer Hessel Bonenkamp, "and it might not be the best experience for the average player but to me it is fascinating. It also reminded me of my past self fiddling with levels for Wrecking Crew or filling pages and pages of grid paper with my own overworld for the original Legend of Zelda on the NES."

The level is available for the Steam version of EDGE today. Try it out, but be warned: if you don't say you love it, you're a monster.

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