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Spicy Horse's Big Head Bash gallops out of beta, launches on Kongregate


After putting out Alice: Madness Returns last year, American McGee's Spicy Horse studio has been working on Big Head Bash, a multiplayer shooter set in a toy store universe. It's been in beta for a pretty long time, but now you can play it all official-like.

Spicy Horse describes the game as "a free to play title combining heated PvP death match battles and collectable elements that will feature licensed goods from popular comics, music, movies and even alternative fashion." You can play Big Head Bash for free right now on Kongregate, along with the 100,000 other individuals who have taken it for a test run.

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Spicy Horse Announces Big Head Bash available exclusively on Kongregate

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, (May 30, 2012) – Big Head Bash, the new title from American McGee's Spicy Horse studio is now available exclusively on Kongregate. Big Head Bash is a free to play title combining heated PvP death match battles and collectable elements that will feature licensed goods from popular comics, music, movies and even alternative fashion.

The game features high resolution 3D graphics set in a futuristic fantasy toy land. Players can select from a multitude of weapons from shotguns to flamethrowers and futuristic plasma guns.
Big Head Bash will initially launch with three high-definition maps: Jungle, Toy Store, & Robot Factory. As updates are added to the game, additional battle modes and maps will be added.

The game also features a tutorial mode where new players can sharpen their skills before entering a battle arena. The update schedule is aggressive with Spicy Horse planning on launching regular updates to include custom characters, licensed content and a feature that will allow players to create a real-life version of toys from the game they can have delivered to their doorstep. For the Kongregate launch, two exclusive collectable toy-packs will be available: Dr.X and Mr. Destructoid, with other IP rolling out within a few weeks.

The Spicy Horse decision to launch this game exclusively with Kongregate stems from their experience bringing games to market. "The Kongregate team has so much experience in identifying what gamers are looking for," said American McGee, founder & CEO of Spicy Horse. "Their feedback has been invaluable in helping to bring this game to market."

"We are thrilled to be the exclusive launch partner for Big Head Bash"said Jim Greer, CEO & co-founder of Kongregate. "American McGee is a veteran and a visionary and has put together a great team at Spicy Horse." Jim added, "Spicy Horse's take on side-scrolling death-match adventure-shooter will be perfect for our hard core players. We look forward to showcasing Big Head Bash to Kongregate's audience of more than 16 million monthly gamers."

About: Spicy Horse
Founded in 2006, Shanghai-based Spicy Horse Games is an independent developer and publisher of AAA-quality games for the worldwide mobile, online/social, console and PC platforms. Past developments include "American McGee's Grimm" for online gaming portal Gametap and "Alice: Madness Returns" published through Electronic Arts for PC, PS3 and 360. Internal subsidiary Spicy Pony has produced a range of casual games for iOS devices including "DexIQ", "Akaneiro" and "Crooked House". As of 2011, the company has mainly focused on development of free-to-play, multiplayer online games for social and mobile platforms. Using Unity3D plus internally developed client-server backend systems the company is perfecting a production method for rapid delivery of AAA quality casual online games to web browsers and mobile devices with seamless cross-platform accessibility and function.

About: Kongregate
Kongregate is a leading browser-based game site with over 16 million monthly unique visitors who spend more than 28 million hours playing per month. As part of the GameStop Corporation network, the site features a unique community and social platform including achievements, profiles, chat, messaging, forums, and levels into a cohesive and addicting experience. Kongregate shares revenue from advertising and virtual goods directly with developers who have uploaded games to the site. Advertisers include brands like Electronic Arts, Sony Pictures, Sprint, Frito Lay, Axe, Xbox 360, Nokia, and Toyota. While all games on Kongregate are free, the site also features a virtual currency called Kreds, which can be used to unlock additional features in select games. Based in San Francisco, CA, the company was founded in 2006 by brother-and-sister team Jim Greer, a game industry veteran, and Emily Greer, an interactive marketing executive.

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