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Ubisoft registers 'Just Dance Floor' domains

Jordan Mallory

Ubisoft's big pre-E3 press conference is roughly 48 hours away, and while common sense dictates that the announcement of a new Just Dance game is as likely as tomorrow's rising sun, nothing official has happened quite yet. There are intriguing clues, however, such as and, two new Ubisoft-owned domains uncovered by the intrepid detectives at Fusible.

The trouble with URLs is that they generally divulge very little in the way of context, especially when it comes to titles. Are these addresses for Just Dance: Floor, or Just DanceFloor? Just Dance: Floor would be a really terrible play on words, since the next Just Dance game in the series would be the fourth one. But, if it's Just DanceFloor, why is "Floor" capitalized?

Okay, now the word "floor" just looks weird.

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