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Rolling Deep: Joystiq's E3 2012 Gear

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Much like an elite squad of soldiers, the Joystiq staff is prepared to be dropped into any number of nightmare scenarios. E3 2012 is the team's latest trial and the staff has their "Go" and/or "Bug Out" bags at the ready to cover the event with speed, accuracy, and precision.

E3 2012 kicks off tomorrow. If you want to prep your own essential gear, look no further than the special Joystiq E3 2012 Event Page. It will be your one-stop for all things breaking news, previews, features, and video content. You may also want water to ensure maximum thirst quenchiness.

Here's what Team Joystiq is bringing to ensure survival during E3 2012.

Gallery: E3 2012 Staff Gear | 10 Photos

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