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The Repopulation seeks Kickstarter funding

Eliot Lefebvre

Sandbox fans are probably feeling the pinch on their wallets of late with the surge of Kickstarter projects. The Repopulation is joining the trend with a project that's just kicked off to secure funding for further development. That means incentive rewards, stretch goals, and of course, new information about the game as it moves through development. The funding goal is set at a fairly modest $25,000 and includes several noteworthy incentives for backers.

In the lower tiers of funding, players can enjoy such benefits as extra cash in the game when it goes live, early access to the game, and special tokens to unlock unique rewards. Players who have plenty of money to donate can move on up to having character names attached to game objects and custom-generated content. It's a nice set of rewards, and if you're interested in the game's future, you've got plenty of time before the Kickstarter closes.

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