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Diablo III to benefit from big brother World of Warcraft's features


Over on the Diablo III forums, player Matthest posted a thoughtful list of 35 improvements that he wanted to see added to the game. Lo and behold, his list was picked up by the game's CM and treated to a point-by-point response that revealed several upcoming changes, including those inspired by World of Warcraft's design.

Coming to the game is a lock for the action bar, font size changes, the ability to sell damaged items, social and quick join improvements, and tweaks to the game's auction house interface. The team's also considering allowing players to resize and move the chat window.

Not all ideas were embraced, as the devs had reasons for keeping them out: "We're really trying hard to avoid quickly bloating the game options, and since [numerical countdowns] would be an option, we're cautiously approaching it and a few other toggle/option requests."

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