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E3 2012: SWTOR's limited F2P trial, content plans, and new trailer


During Electronic Arts' E3 press conference earlier this afternoon, BioWare's Dr. Ray Muzyka took to the stage to toot the horn of Star Wars: The Old Republic. He outlined the game's accomplishments over the last half year, bragged about its status as the biggest MMO launch in history, and promised to provide a "living service that's always on" and "set a new standard for a premium MMO service."

But the team has big plans for the future too, starting with a limited F2P trial set to arrive in July that will allow anyone to pick up and play the game up to level 15. Muzyka also revealed a new trailer heralding upcoming new companions (including an HK assassin droid), level cap increases, enhanced story, a new PvP warzone (Ancient Hypergates), new playable species (the Cathar), a new version of the nightmare difficulty mode, a new endgame operation (Terror From Beyond), a new space combat mission, and a new planet called Makeb, complete with requisite storylines.

The video is now behind the break. Stay tuned as we bring you more TOR news from E3!

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