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God of War: Ascension gameplay revealed, coming March 12, 2013


Sony just showed off the first singleplayer content for God of War: Ascension. Kratos is back in action fighting all kinds of baddies, including both a goat man and a half-elephant, half-man of some kind. Kratos showed off a nice arsenal of various weapons, including his trusty chainblades, and quite a few environmentally-obtained tools of destruction, as well as a few new stun moves and some very nice counter attacks.

Kratos also has one other big move: When a dock is destroyed, he can use something on his wrist (and a shiny green glow) to rebuild the dock's crane, Red Faction: Armageddon style.

The demo ended with Kratos diving right into the belly of a large kraken, undoubtedly ready for more killing. The game is coming out March 12, 2013.

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