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Nikkei: Nintendo Wii U to sell for around 30,000 yen, or just under $400


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We'll still have to wait a bit longer for some official word from Nintendo, but Japan's Nikkei news agency is reporting today that Nintendo's Wii U console is expected to sell for "around" 30,000 yen when it makes its debut later this year. That translates to roughly $380 US dollars, although chances are the official US price will be something other than a direct yen-to-dollar conversion. What's more, Nikkei is also reporting that Nintendo will show off a number of new non-gaming features for the console at E3 this week, including e-books and karaoke (complete with a 10,000 song library), and even the ability to use the Wii U as a car navigation device (just the controller, presumably). Needless to say, we'll be covering tomorrow's keynote live to bring you any of those details as they're announced.

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