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Rusty Hearts unleashes the Month of the Dragon


It's the Month of the Dragon in Perfect World Entertainment's free-to-play beat-'em-up, Rusty Hearts. Throughout the month, players will have the opportunity to snag the rare three-piece Dragon Armor costume set and a unique Mini-Bone Dragon pet.

The first piece of Dragon Armor up for grabs is a dashing pair of boots styled after the claws of a dragon. So what are the folks at PWE asking for this new finery? They want players to head over to the official Rusty Hearts Facebook page and share it with their friends. After the page has reached the goal share-count, "the items will be inserted and [players] will be able to wear the most bone-chilling costume pieces ever seen in Bramunez." If the Facebook page manages to reach 100,000 Likes during the Month of the Dragon, PWE will also be rewarding 1,000 lucky players with the Mini-Bone Dragon pet. So get to it, social-media people, and earn yourself some new threads.

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