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Super Joystiq Podcast Special: 'E3 2012 Pre-show' - Microsoft, Sony, and Wii U announcements


It's the evening before Microsoft, Sony, and a number of other companies take the stage for Pre-E3 media briefings.

Xav, JC, Richard, and Mike Schramm discuss what we can expect from tomorrow's E3 2012 "Day Zero," react to Nintendo's recent Wii U announcements, and ask what Rare is up to these days.

Joystiq will have new Super Joystiq Special episodes every day this week. Keep it locked! And stay up-to-date with everything during E3 with our brand new E3 2012 Event Landing Page.

Listen to the Super Joystiq Podcast:A stream of the show and details about each segment is available after the break.

Show Breakdown
  • 00:00:00 - 00:42:34 // Xav, JC, Richard, and Mike Schramm discuss what we might see when E3 2012 "Day Zero" begins tomorrow.
Theme Music: Satsuma Audio and Whitaker Blackall - "A Basstastic Undertaking"
Segment Bumpers: Jordan Mallory

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