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Ubisoft lists Trials Evolution, BG&E HD, I Am Alive, more as free-to-play titles


Ubisoft just ran a short promo reel for its free-to-play program at its E3 press conference, and at the very end, the company included the screen above. You'll notice that there are a few curious entries on there, including Trials Evolution, I Am Alive, and Beyond Good and Evil HD, among a few other popular and well-known console games.

Presumably, this means that Ubisoft has released or is working on free-to-play, probably browser-based variants of all of these titles. Ubisoft has previously released From Dust on Google's Chrome browser-based marketplace, and so that's the most likely avenue for the rest of these titles. We'll talk to Ubisoft about this at E3 this week; It'd definitely be great to see Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes as a free-to-play title in a browser near you.

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