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Apple iPad dominates the tablet market in the US, Kindle Fire slips


A ChangeWave survey from May shows the iPad maintaining its dominance in the US tablet market. A survey of 2,893 consumers shows that 73 percent of people who plan to buy a tablet within the next 90 days will get an iPad, while only 8 percent want a Kindle Fire. The only other tablet with some consumer interest is the Samsung Galaxy Tab which was on the wish list for only 6 percent of respondents.

Not only is the Kindle Fire trailing the iPad, its demand has been gradually falling since launch. The Fire started out hot in November 2011 with 22 percent of tablet customers planning to buy the tablet and dropped precipitously to 7 percent by March 2012. ChangeWave also notes that the Kindle Fire only has a 41 percent "Very Satisfied" rating compared to 81 percent for new iPad owners.

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