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E3 2012: Jet Li will be the face of Age of Wushu

Karen Bryan

Age of Wushu, an upcoming martial arts MMO, features wuxia-style combat with some impressive acrobatic moves, so it seems a perfect fit that Snail Games announced at this year's E3 that Jet Li will be the face of the MMO. The International action film star has signed a two-year deal to promote the game, and as spokesperson, he'll be featured in a TV commercial and make public appearances at events.

Li began his training in Wushu at the age of eight and was a multiple champion in China before retiring at the age of 19 to begin his film career. His film titles include Lethal Weapon 4, Unleashed, The Forbidden Kingdom, and The Expendables. He's also wrapping up work on The Expendables II, which is due in theaters this August.

Age of Wushu is an upcoming MMO by Snail Games set in the age of the Ming Dynasty in China. It features Wuxia-style combat and some interesting concepts such as no levels or classes and a boss sidekick system. Massively will be meeting the team at E3, so keep your eyes open for more news this week!

[Source: Snail Games press release]

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