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E3 2012: Razer reveals concept controller for MechWarrior Online

Eliot Lefebvre

Atmosphere is important in a game. Sure, when you get behind the cockpit of a 'Mech in MechWarrior Online, you can control everything just fine with a mouse and a keyboard, but that doesn't feel quite right. No, you should have something that feels appropriately like a set of controls for an enormous walking battle tank. Something like the Razer Artemis, in other words. The peripheral manufacturer has just unveiled its concept controller specifically targeting the upcoming game, and like most Razer concepts, it certainly looks right on the money.

The demo unit on the show floor is unfortunately non-functional, as it's meant as a proof-of-concept rather than a retail product. Currently the team is looking at the best ways to implement the functionality needed, with the final product in flux as feedback is taken into consideration. If it sparks your imagination, however, you can certainly take a look at the trailer for the upcoming controller just after the break.

[Thanks to Space Cobra for the tip!]

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