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Garmin outs motorcycle-centric zumo 350LM

Alexis Santos

Garmin's torn the wraps off its zumo 350LM for those of you who prefer to zip around on two wheels. Though its 4.3-inch glove-friendly touchscreen is encased in a waterproof exterior to withstand a beating from the elements and "fuel sprays," it'll happily sit inside your car with an included mount and built-in speaker. Those sticking to motorcycles, however, can pipe turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation through the sunlight-readable device to compatible Bluetooth headsets or helmets. Stat-happy bikers can record their chopper's maintenance work with the service history log feature and use Garmin's Basecamp utility to plan out trips beforehand. The zumo's expected to ring up at $699.99 -- as pricey as its older siblings -- and roll out in the third quarter of 2012.

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