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LotRO: Riders of Rohan website, pre-purchase available [Updated]


Turbine's sounded the rallying horn today to its legion of Lord of the Rings Online fans to come south to Rohan. The official Riders of Rohan website has launched, and the fall's expansion is now available to pre-purchase for special bonuses.

The website shows off the mounted combat, epic story, and regions of Rohan through images, descriptions, and a teaser video. There's also an interesting story section that boasts a short film with live actors portraying some of the key characters in the expansion.

While we're still some time off from the expansion's release, Turbine is tempting us into pre-purchasing Riders of Rohan by offering a slew of different packages and bonuses. There are three editions ranging from $39.99 to $69.99. The editions include different amounts of extra content including a special mount, older zone quest packs, and the much-desired sixth inventory bag. By pre-purchasing, players will get many of these bonuses immediately as well as a few extras that won't be available after the expansion launches.

You can watch both the teaser video as well as the story trailer for Riders of Rohan after the jump!

[Update: Turbine has confirmed that the expansion will release on September 5th, 2012.]

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