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Tesla delivers first Model S a little early, EVs take a big step forward (update: video!)


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Tesla had originally pegged the Model S' first delivery for June 22nd. At least one owner, though, is getting an early treat: one of venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson's namesake managing directors, Steve Jurvetson, just picked up his red-hued EV sedan in the San Francisco Bay Area. He can also rightfully claim to have the very first production Model S anywhere, as he's since posted photographic proof on Flickr that his car was the earliest to have completed the factory run. The arrival is no doubt a milestone for taking purely electric cars into the mainstream. Even so, we'll admit that we're just hoping Jurvetson shares what it's like to live with Tesla's four-door -- both out of curiosity as well as a vain attempt to live vicariously through someone who's had more than a test drive.

Update: Sure enough, Jurvetson has posted video of the delivery, which you can catch after the break.

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