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WSJ: Apple's ouster of Google Maps from iOS is coming

In news that should surprise no one, the Wall Street Journal said this morning that the split between Apple and Google Maps is coming.

The writing has been on the wall regarding this move for some time. In early May, 9to5 Mac reported that a new Maps app would make its debut in iOS 6, and we've been seeing the steps laid out to a new Apple-based Maps app for quite some time. Even Apple and Google's reaffirmation of their partnership had all the air of a couple putting on a show before going to see the divorce lawyers.

The Wall Street Journal said that Apple released a geocoder last fall, which is the brains behind a mapping app -- something that almost no one noticed. It's in iOS 5, and every time someone uses the Maps app currently, it's Apple's geocoder translating the data and not Google's. A version of that, CL Geocoder, is available to developers for their use.

The entire article lies behind the WSJ's paywall, and it's worth the read into Apple and Google's partnership over Google Maps and how that exactly worked if you have access.

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