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AVADirect and Eurocom laptops hop on the GeForce GTX 680M bandwagon


NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 680M has made an impact in Alienware and Origin PC laptops so far. Some of us like our mobile gaming a little more barebones, however, and both AVADirect as well as Eurocom are taking their turn at carrying the graphics powerhouse in portables using heavily customizable, Clevo-made designs. AVADirect's 15.6-inch P150EM and 17.3-inch P170EM, as well as their matching Eurocom Racer 2.0 and Neptune 2.0 brethren, can take advantage of all 1,344 processing cores and that abundant 4GB of RAM. Do brace for a hit to the pocketbook for the sake of that increase in frame rate: although Eurocom is staying quiet early on, AVADirect is charging a $536 upgrade price on top of any given configuration.

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