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China elevates the art of KIRF, copies Austrian village of Hallstatt


We've seen some impressive KIRFs in our day (and some not so impressive ones too), but we've got to hand it to China for ratcheting things up a notch and eyeing prizes a bit loftier than Nokia phones and MacBook Airs. In the southern Chinese province of Guangdong there is now a full size replica of the Austrian village of Hallstatt, a small enclave in the Alps known for its tourism and salt production. The Unesco-recognized World Heritage Site was painstakingly recreated, down to the historic clock tower. All in all, it's a stunning achievement in KIRFdom that perfectly exemplifies why China is kicking our American butts in the quest for global economic domination -- audacity and ambition. For more, check out the BBC report at the source.

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