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MotoCzysz e-motorbike crackles past 100MPH at TT Zero for $15,000 prize


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Jitters over wet track conditions didn't stop MotoCzysz's Michael Rutter from becoming the first electric motorcycle rider at the Isle of Man's TT Zero to hit 100MPH -- aka the fabled "ton". He also snapped up the £10,000 ($15,400) prize offered by the island's government for the achievement, although two other riders also managed to zap the milestone. Being the first to do it was all that counted, though, and after coming close last year, it looks like MotoCzysz's recent doubling up on horsepower seemed to do the trick. Thanks to the boost, Rutter easily cruised past the mark at 104.056MPH. At this rate, a day at the races could become a pretty serene experience.

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