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No Comment: Senator Grassley, your office is calling


The US Senate: home of democracy, bastion of civility, redoubt of Brylcreem, sciatica and combovers. If you were trying to recruit a less tech-savvy group of Americans, it would be pretty challenging.

The late Alaska senator Ted Stevens set the bar with his legendary reference to the Internet as a "series of tubes" (it's not a truck, people), but despite the chamber's current home page headline of Technology and the Senate, the everyday missteps around gadgets and geekdom continue.

The latest example, via BuzzFeed: in the video below, Senator Chuck Grassley's podium time gets interrupted by a very distinctive ringtone. Yes, Chuck has an iPhone; yes, it's still set on the classic "Up Yours, Gustav Mahler" Marimba tone; yes, he forgot to turn it off before stepping onto the Senate floor.

Captured for posterity by C-SPAN, this ring ding earns today's No Comment.

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