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T-Mobile 1,900MHz 3G lights up Moscone West in time for WWDC, carrier swears it's a happy accident


T-Mobile may be planning to deploy 1,900MHz HSPA+ across the whole of its network, but it sure has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. The carrier has confirmed that it just recently started testing the refarmed frequency for 3G in San Francisco's Moscone Center West -- you know, where a certain Apple conference will be taking place next week. While no one is realistically expecting Apple to unveil a T-Mobile iPhone deal at WWDC, the testing will conveniently let anyone with an iPhone on T-Mobile (whether international or US unlocked) get data at full blast while they're learning about Xcode updates and Gatekeeper. A spokesperson tells 9to5 Mac that the expanded access is "just coincidental," and we're inclined to believe the statement. Just don't be caught off guard if San Francisco is blanketed in 1,900MHz T-Mobile 3G by the time a new iPhone model swings around.

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