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TUAW at WWDC 2012: How to find and pitch us


Three members of the TUAW team -- Mike Schramm, Brett Terpstra and myself -- are going to be in San Francisco next week for WWDC 2012. Apple has never let us into the keynote and likely never will, but we'll all live vicariously through our sister site Engadget and our own soon-to-be-announced metaliveblog. After Apple unveils new awesomeness, we'd like to invite developers to meet with TUAW and show our audience what you're working on. Here are the ways to get in touch (and some tips):

1. Use the form below to pitch us. But finish reading this post first!
Note: If we've featured you recently, know that chances are slim that we can accommodate you this time. If, however, we've spoken to you but for whatever reason we weren't able to post about you, please mention this and we'll try our best to prioritize you this time.

2. I will be moderating a talk at Appsterdam at WWDC on Monday afternoon (they'll be at the StackMob offices). Come by, listen to the panel -- which will be great -- and hit me up afterwards.

3. Tuesday we're scheduling videos with MacTech's Neil Ticktin. If this day works best, let us know in the form.

4. Wednesday and Thursday we'll be shooting a series of videos at IndieDevLab. Specifically: We want to know why you made a specific app. These origin stories will be published throughout the year, so this isn't where you'll want to show us something needing immediate attention. We would prefer, for these segments, apps which are available now. This is largely focused on independent developers, not large shops. Please respect the little guy!

Also, note there is an extremely limited number of these video segments available.

5. Finally, if you see one of us around, please grab an elbow and let us know what's up. We'd love looks at new apps, but know that we can't promise to publish about everything we see. If there's something awesome, we'll certainly do our best. Still, first looks, sneak peeks, etc. are all on the table if you can hunt us down and pitch us. Tweet to us @ask_tuaw and we'll try to meet up.

I'll be giving a talk on Friday at Appsterdam about managing relationships with bloggers -- it's pretty relevant!

If you're looking for tips on how to pitch your apps to bloggers in general, I'd recommend a book by a couple of our own bloggers.

We'll contact you via email if we can schedule something. With that, we hope to see you in San Francisco!

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