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Horsing around in Dance Central 3


Dance Central 3 includes a revamped multiplayer system, designed to offer a greater deal of variety than its predecessor. Dance battles are now broken up into multiple sections, each with a different set of rules and different music. For example, "Keep the Beat" allows players to perform freestyle moves and awards maximum points for movement variety and keeping to the beat.

"Make Your Move," however, ups the ante. It is, essentially, the dance equivalent of HORSE.

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The first player is prompted to come up with a move, which is to say any move. These don't have to be pulled from Dance Central's (admittedly extensive) catalog. You can literally do anything you want, so long as it matches the beat and you can successfully repeat it a few times. Once Dance Central 3 recognizes the move, it will attach an appropriate cue card to it and even give it a name. Once the move is stored, the other player has to replicate it.

So, if you're Harmonix choreographer Spikey Soria, you might come up with a move like this:

Or, if you're Harmonix publicist Nick Chester, an on-the-fly move might come out like this:

Once both players have come up with a few moves, Dance Central 3 incorporates them all into a brand new routine that both players have to attempt. In short, it's an impressive use of Microsoft's Kinect tech and, more importantly, a lot of fun.

Dance Central 3 busts a move this fall.

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