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Tiered system reportedly on its way to Sprint's Total Equipment Protection plans


We'll likely never know what's driving this purported move, but we can safely imagine it has something to do with the cost of high-end devices like that Galaxy Nexus or HTC EVO 4G LTE. Either way, a recent report by the folks over at TechnoBuffalo suggests Sprint is about to switch its Total Equipment Protection plans to a tiered-based system. The adjustments, which are said to take place as soon as June 17th, will see the TEP and ERP (Equipment Replacement Program) prices change to $8 and $5, respectively, for slabs under $550, while any device -- including the aforementioned couple -- over that amount gets an $11 TEP and $9 ERP fee. As you can tell by the picture above, deductibles have also taken a hit, ranging anywhere from $50 for Now Network devices worth less than $325, all the way to $200 for those over $600. Of note, iPhone owners need not to worry, as Sprint's still holding you to Apple's careful insurance.

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