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Star Wars: The Old Republic community Q&A talks 1.3, clarifies existing features


It's time for yet another Star Wars: The Old Republic community Q&A. This time around, the devs asked players to move away from asking about far-future content (which often garners unspecific, uninformative answers) and instead ask about current features and the philosophy behind certain design decisions. As a result, there are a number of questions about the additions of the upcoming patch 1.3, such as the group finder and ranked warzones.

In addition, game designer Jason Attard takes the time to explain exactly what Presence does and the benefits and detriments to its use. Efficiency bonuses for crew skills are also mentioned, with the dev clarifying that efficiency, which grants a speed bonus when crafting items, increases in proportion with that crewmate's affection for you, up to a max of 15% efficiency. For the full Q&A session and all the juicy details therein, head on over to the game's official site.

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