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Breakfast Topic: Tell us your healing bloopers


I like healing random 5-mans because I think healing is fun and the queues are quick. Healing is my preference for Battlegrounds, too. I follow a tank type around to the benefit of both of us -- you know, when I'm not being ganked by the intelligent enemies who know to kill the healer first. (I'm very good at dying strategically.) But since I'm an altoholic, I change my healers around when using Dungeon Finder, making me a jack of all healers, master of none. While I'm a decent healer, I have had my share of healing bloopers.

Elunamakata's post about earning your plus sign on the Healing Mains blog both humbled and educated me. I followed most of the advice already but have not always been diligent about keeping my gear updated on leveling characters. WoW Insider also provides advice for non-expert healers, such as: So that's how to avoid healing embarrassments. But even the best healers make spectacular errors from time to time (or at least remember their early oopsies). My worst blooper -- which is extraordinarily deadly for my team and makes me hang my head in shame -- is when I have accidentally targeted myself and then healed away. "Gosh, the tank is taking so much damage that my heals are ineffectual ... oh." It isn't habitual, but it's happened more than once.

Also, remember when you had to make sure you had the latest rank on your action bar? Yeah, me too. /blush

Since almost everyone has healed at least once, regardless of gender (don't get me started), tell us your most embarrassing healing moment.

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