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David Jaffe aims to create a free-to-play shooter


God of War and Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe talked about plans to create a free-to-play, browser-based shooter in an interview with The game concept is one of many that seemed to have stuck with Jaffe since he left Eat Sleep Play in February. "I hate free-to-play but I love aspects of it. I love the instant-on, I love the low to no barrier of entry to get all kinds of people to jump in and play," Jaffe said.

"You don't have to sit there and power up your fucking machine and go through legal screens and load screens and load the game," Jaffe said. "I know that sounds kind of petty but when you think of all the distractions and fragmentation of entertainment today, for me that's kind of a pain. I'll choose to do other things rather than sit down and load up a triple-A game unless it's super, super special."

Jaffe is in the process of building concept art and forming a team of like-minded individuals, all with the goal of creating a free-to-play game that is "genuinely for gamers."

"You can listen to developers all day long tell you it's not pay to win, but you know, it kind of is pay to win. I'm not saying they're evil or they're lying - but one of the things they like to say is pay with your time or pay with your money. Well both of those are really shitty."

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