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Apple introduces Smart Case for iPad


Apple's Smart Covers are great for covering the iPad's touchscreen, but they've left the backside unprotected. In recognition that some people want to protect the aluminum case from scratches and other damage, Apple has introduced the iPad Smart Case.

It's made from polyurethane and available in six colors, most of them the same as the standalone Smart Cover. The foldover portion of the Smart Case will wake and sleep the iPad just like the Smart Cover.

It's difficult to make out from the images on the Apple Store, but it looks like this case is one integrated component, with the foldover portion not removable from the backside. That means if you have an existing Smart Cover, you won't be able to integrate it with this new case -- but that may not be an issue if all you're looking for is a case the same color as the one you already have.

The iPad Smart Case costs US$49 and offers free personalized laser engraving.

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