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Core Blaze unleashes a barrage of screenshots, three new videos


Did our E3 preview of Gamania's upcoming title Core Blaze leave you hungry for more hack-and-slash goodness? If so, then boy do we have some treats for you. The folks behind the in-development MMO have released a slew of new screenshots and art as well as a trio of videos just waiting to be devoured.

The screenshots run the gamut of everything from boss monsters to UI features and everything in-between, but the real eye-candy comes from the videos. There's plenty of gorgeous footage that showcases the game's action-flavored hack-and-slash combat alongside some breathtaking vistas. But really, there's nothing we can say about them that the videos won't say better themselves, so just head on past the cut and feast your eyes upon them.

[Source: Gamania press release]

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