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THQ confirms another UFC game in development before selling license


THQ confirmed the development and cancellation of another game in the UFC series in an SEC filing this morning. While not putting exact numbers to the news, the filing noted a year-over-year decrease in sales across the series since 2009. UFC Undisputed 3 failed to sell 2 million units, which was its "break even" point according to a recent report.

Searches on LinkedIn found a number of former THQ San Diego employees that list "UFC 4" in their profiles, albeit unconfirmed. THQ entered into an agreement to sell the UFC license to EA Sports on June 1 for an undisclosed amount, first announced during EA's press conference at E3 last week.

Updates on the closure of THQ's San Diego studio are included in the filing, saying it "could result in additional cash charges of up to $1.1 million related to severance, up to $1.3 million in cash charges related to leased facilities and non-cash charges of up to $0.5 million related to long-lived assets."

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