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Paramount Movies Ultraviolet app released for Xbox 360


It appears that Microsoft is picking up the pace on the addition of video streaming apps for the Xbox 360. After it took months for many of the more anticipated apps from the first wave like HBO Go, Verizon and Comcast to arrive, a new app from Paramount has been released just days after it was part of the next wave announced at E3. The Paramount Movies app is a console based version of its Ultraviolet service already unleashed on the PC and iOS, letting users stream digital copies from their cloud libraries. While the overall Ultraviolet sign-up process and its multiple logins hasn't gotten any easier, once we created a account we were able to stream a copy of Hugo unlocked by the Blu-ray 3D version in HD just by signing into the free app (XBL gold subscription required) on the Xbox 360 -- no antiquated discs necessary. There's no word on the other apps Microsoft announced were headed to the Xbox 360, but we'll keep an eye out for the arrival of WatchESPN all the same.

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