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City of Steam dev diary embraces Goblins


City of Steam is a strange world indeed, filled with the bizarre as well as unexpected twists on familiar fantasy tropes. The team penned a dev diary to talk about why City of Steam's Goblins are far more interesting than the cannon fodder you dispatch in other MMOs.

As one of the nine playable races in this upcoming game, Goblins are attempting to make their way in the civilized world, but they suffer from discrimination by those who hate all greenskin races. They are, however, far more refined and savvy than their Orc relatives and have garnered a positive reputation for being able to repair almost anything.

Goblins have large families, are almost fatally curious about the world, and can eat almost anything. Goblins are best wielded as either Arcanists or Gunners and have the manic energy to back either of those professions.

Because Goblin families are so important, the devs have put a large emphasis on family in the race's questline. The player will begin her experience as Goblins by traveling to the city to help her recently widowed uncle in a variety of tasks.

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