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My Xbox Live app launches on Android, more functionality added to iOS version


A couple of big announcements for Microsoft's My Xbox Live today. First, the app has been released for Android devices, giving users of the OS access to Xbox Live features such as Achievements, messages and other social content.

Meanwhile, the iOS version has seen some significant improvements, notably the ability to control the Xbox console remotely. Specifically, you can fire up games from your collection or launch a selection of curated content (featured games, movies, etc.). You can even directly control some applications, such as Netflix. There is, however, a slight delay between phone taps and on-screen reaction, so you're probably better off using a controller. Still, it's pretty nifty and gives us a hint of what we can expect from Smartglass later this year.

Finally, the iPad version of My Xbox Live now features Retina Display support and better authentication. The app is free on both iOS and Android.

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