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Comparing Google maps and Apple's maps on iOS 6


In iOS 6, Apple is ditching its Google-backed Maps application and using its own mapping solution instead. With turn-by-turn navigation and 3D flyover, Apple's new mapping application is a big jump from its predecessor which lacked these convenient features.

Gizmodo has access to both Google Maps on the iPhone and Apple's iOS 6 Maps and did a side-by-side comparison that looks at map details, traffic data, directions, and satellite view. They also compare Street View, but Apple's map solution does not have this feature.

According to their assessment, Google's version of Maps provides greater detail in almost all the categories tested. This is not surprising as Google Maps is a product that's been developed and refined for years. iOS 6 Maps is still in beta and it will take time to get the polish of Google Maps. With map data sourced from companies like TomTom and Waze, Apple, however, is off to a good start.

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