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Customers report new Retina MacBook Pros are shipping


Apple customers who ordered the new Retina models of the MacBook Pro can start doing their happy dance -- shipping notifications are being sent to those who placed their orders from the online Apple Store on the day of the WWDC keynote on June 11.

The delivery dates for the new boxes are scheduled for early next week, just in time for the developers who maxed out their credit cards ordering the new equipment to get home and hopefully recover from WWDC.

Let's all hope that the first round of the Retina MacBook Pros are well-built and ready to go -- iFixit's teardown of the new model indicated that it was the "least repairable laptop" ever disassembled. If the first Retina MBPs do have issues, we hope that the owners at least shelled out US$349 for an AppleCare Protection Plan.

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