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Get a fighting edge with TERA's combat indicator guide


TERA players, are you tired of being on the receiving end of a BAM's fury? Do you need a little extra edge in combat? If so, En Masse Entertainment has you covered. The studio has released a new combat indicator guide that should help struggling players get a bit of a leg-up on the competition.

It's not exactly an in-depth tutorial or anything, but the guide does highlight some of the finer points of combat that many players might miss. For instance, how can you know when a monster is ordering its minions, changing targets, or leaving aggro range? Just pay attention to the indicators above each monster's head. Perhaps you're more PvP-minded and would like to know when your opponent is about to unleash a stun or a power-attack so you can be sure to skeddaddle. With a little options tweaking, you can ensure that ability icons appear as enemy attacks so you're always aware of what's coming. For the full guide, head on over to the TERA official site.

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