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The Secret World talks Founding Cabals and corrupt sun gods

As part of the process of gearing up for launch, The Secret World's community team is setting a lure for cross-game guilds. Any existing guild leader can apply for a chance to have his or her guild to to be selected as a Founding Cabal. Cabals are TSW's super-secretive-sounding version of guilds. Founding Cabals come with a whole host of benefits including guild name reservation, beta keys for members, a lifetime account and 5,000 Funcom points for the leader, and the possibility to get five years of hosting via Guild Launch. Check out the forum post for application details, and prepare to marshal your forces to stake your claim in the world.

While we're speaking of marshaling forces, a lore post today shed some light on the dark powers stirring in the once-hidden city of the sun god. After the Black Pharaoh Akhenaten was driven mad by the beckons of the evil sun god Aten, the vizier Ptahmose and his seven children worked to end the pharaoh's reign and protect the world. To that end, the seven children turned themselves into statues infused with the powers of the Egyptian gods, the better to hide the dark city from the rest of the world. There's no such thing as a happy ending for this kind of story, though: The city has been found by cultists, ghouls, jinn, and other baddies. The living statue Sentinels are having a hard time holding back the dark corruption, which means it's time for a hero -- you. Players will help the Sentinels, retrieve relics, rally spirits, restore balance, hack mainframes, and come face-to-face with the Black Pharaoh himself.

[Thanks to Spartan for the tip!]

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